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A fun, romantic encounter on the shores of Rottnest Island. American Navy Chaplain meets feisty Australian news reporter to investigate the Quokka mystery.


Download for free Act One of Polarized Love. Six Chapters, click HERE or on the cover.

Full novel: Polarized Love, Release: Sept 2020


Bethany Michaels has served her family and father’s church faithfully, and now it is her turn to leave the nest and spread her wings. But does her dad push her into the right arms to launch his daughter into her God-given destiny?

When an American sailor enters the shores of the West Coast of Australia, Beth is swept away with the promise of high aspirations. As the rushed relationship unfolds, Beth finds herself torn between following someone else’s dreams or settling for the comforts of home and all she’s ever known.
This story is full of romantic comedy, fast-paced action, inspirational romance, and something more—a life lesson, you won’t forget too soon.

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Quokkas on Rottnest Island, Australia