Bridal Bouquet

About Lisa Renee

My name is Lisa Ren’ee from Australia.

Through my Christian walk, I only knew of non-fiction books. It was only about five years ago when I friend gave me a Francine Rivers novel to read. Wow. I soon discovered there are thousands of fantastic Christian fiction works available.

The last five years, I developed neck problems from reading too long with bad posture. (Anyone relate to this?)


I couldn’t put these books down and devoured up to three books a week.

After reading a few too many romance novels where it was just a little too happy clappy for me, I was inspired to start my own novel. It started from observing someone’s life who’d made two unfortunate choices for a marriage partner.

The first one, backslid and turned back to drugs. After many years of being single, she ended up marrying an unbeliever which he’d left her after seven years of marriage—for another woman. She’d chosen the wrong guys and unfortunately she isn’t alone.

This woman is a dedicated youth worker and doing great things for the kingdom. I was inspired to write a happy ending to her romance dilemma. I think she deserved another chance at love, so I wrote, More Than a Second Chance.

The main character, Cassie Chambers deals with at-risk youth covering challenges with drug abuse, youth suicide and teenage pregnancy.

I look forward to sharing more of Cassie’s journey with you.

Bye for now,

Lisa Ren’ee