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Cassie Chambers, a dedicated youth worker, is determined to rescue the troubled youth in the city of Perth, Australia. 

Cassie has made mistakes but hasn’t allowed tragedy or divorce to stop her. She devotes every working hour at Youth Connect. But her own needs are neglected.

Chef Chris Evanson offers work experience to young men from Youth Connect. Cassie and Chris’s encounters become more than sassy bantering with a hint of attraction. Chris is a sincere romantic. 

How will Chris respond when he finds out her secret? She must tell him before he falls in love, but will he believe she deserves more than a second chance?

To complicate matters, one of Youth Connect’s troubled teens needs rescuing. She’s pregnant and moves in with Cassie, bringing absolute chaos. Chris gains insight into what life with Cassie involves. Does he still want the total package?

Will Cassie finally find her true soul mate?

More Than A Second Chance is the first in a series of novels featuring women who've found themselves single, either widowed or divorced later in life, but hopeful to overcome all setbacks that life has thrown them.

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5.0 out of 5 stars  A Heartwarming Aussie Romance


Marriage has burned Perth-native Cassie Chambers twice, and having reached her mid-life years, Cassie is content to remain single and focus upon her blessings. She shoves her yearning for child deep inside a locked door in her heart and pours her life and energy into a business that enables her to help troubled teens gain the skills they need to find good jobs and establish a decent life for themselves.

Cassie’s best friend, Chris Evanson, shares Cassie’s desire to help the youth alongside his passion for the culinary arts. As he opens his own restaurant, he offers internship to troubled teens needing mentorship. When Chris reveals to Cassie that he’s interested in moving beyond a friendship with her, Cassie works up the courage to tell him things about her past he doesn’t know. Will he still be interested? Is she willing to risk her heart to another man?

In a well-written, lighthearted manner, More than A Second Chance explores the question Christians have asked for scores of years—has my chance for happiness passed me by? Under what circumstances could the church permit and bless another marriage? It also touches the subject of adoption and fostering as Cassie talks a young woman out of an abortion.

My absolute favorite thing about this story is the Australian setting, culture and dialogue. Finally, faith-based romantic fiction that can whisk me away to Australia without having to leave my house. I enjoyed getting to know Chris and Cassie and loved watching their relationship blossom. They were so careful with everything, and I especially appreciated Chris’s patience and self-restraint. What an inspiring example of how to progress a relationship toward marriage, with plenty of godly counsel and accountability. I was surprised when something didn’t happen that I expected, but was very pleased with the outcome.

I would recommend this novel to those who enjoy heartwarming, feel-good romances with faith undertones, and Australian characters.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Delivers Both Fun and Depth

In More Than a Second Chance, author Lisa Renee delivers both a fun, lighthearted romance and depth on the subject of divorced Christians. Reading one of her books is like a warm, engaging life lesson you don't realize you learned until after the fact. Superb takeaway value. And, as an American, I thoroughly enjoyed the peek into Aussie culture and life. Keep writing, Lisa! We love what you have to offer.